Opusconcrete products have subtle variations in hues to produce organic, natural looks sure to please even the most discriminating eye.

Concrete Planter - 12`` Bowl Natural
Concrete Planter - 13`` Carbon
Concrete Planter - 7`` White


Opusconcrete utilizes a diverse supply chain across a multiple of industries that have been strategically selected within a short radius of our studio. Our sustainable products have a trivial carbon footprint while promoting employment and economic growth in the local area. Opusconcrete products are 100% handmade in America.

At Opusconcrete, we limit our use of virgin, raw materials by using post-consumer byproducts. We minimize our waste by issuing “batch tickets” for nearly the exact the amount of materials needed for each piece we produce. Our proprietary molds are almost entirely comprised from recycled content designed for long-term use. At Opusconcrete, we strive to practice and grow these principles on a daily basis.

Concrete Planter - 13`` White
Concrete Planter - 7`` Graphite
Concrete Planter - 12`` Bowl Carbon
Concrete Mini Planter

Every step of the Opusconcrete manufacturing process is manipulated by hand. Our craft is more closely related to ceramics and sculpting than a construction or manufacturing trade. We set exceptionally high manufacturing tolerances, but value the nuances that inherently come with handcrafted products. Opusconcrete products offer a warm, signature look that can’t be duplicated by mass-production machine processes.

Opusconcrete has invested considerable time and resources to conduct extensive and continual testing for the development of proprietary mix designs (recipes) for our specific applications. The thoroughness of our engineering ensures our products have structure, durability, and the capacity for exceptionally refined finishes.

Concrete is a natural stone product comprised of solid, organic materials. Opusconcrete guides nature’s raw materials through each phase of our creation process to its final state. We have taken great care to develop all of our own processes to ensure that the organic nature of the raw material makes each piece unique unto itself; no two pieces are ever alike. We enjoy, with great anticipation and excitement, removing each piece from its mold to behold what meticulous craft and mother natures hand has created.

Concrete Planter - 13`` Natural Grey
Concrete Planter - 7`` Natural
Concrete Planter - 12`` Bowl White