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Episode 002: Featuring a curated collection of creative finds, including: Black Ficus: Links: 1, 2, 3, Jan Hendzel Studio, Links: 1, 2, Daniel Sheinfeld Rodriguez, Links: 1, 2, and Never Too Small, Links, 1, 2.

January 2022 Digest – 001: Every artist needs a palette, especially a handmade one. 002: Spend some time getting to know this master craftsman. 003: I’m obsessed with these retro linen pants. 004: This swing! 005: How can a gas station built in the 1930s be so cool? 006: It’s the jade green bathroom that does it for me. 007: Cutest little bike for tykes. 008: Grovemande never ceases to amaze me. What a genius addition to their amazing collection. 009: This coat rack reminds me of that giant antenna tower in San Francisco. Do you see it? 010: Pretty deodorant. 011: I’d love to see bigger pictures of this loft, Floyd. 012: I want to say yes to this chore shirt and no to chores. 013: The history of corduroy. 014: Discover The Primary Essentials. 015: A cool t-shirt that blends the two Portlands. 016: Marble and resin work well together. 017: An artist residency in Florence? Yes, please. 018: These ‘Reserved’ signs are a must-have. 019: Yes, this smells as good as it sounds. 020: Those little stubby legs! 021: Custom drawer organizer? Yes, please. 022: This is one fancy kettle. 023: I’m obsessed with this plant, then I realized I have it sitting on my window sill. 024: Pens, brushes, rulers, and pencils are the tools and this is the toolbox. 025: Design Father is my new daily must-read. 026: All houses should be built around bookcases, and not the other way around, in my opinion. 027: Would you sleep in a glass cabin? 028: Here’s a creative way to reuse materials.


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Creative finds of the modern kind. A continually updated list of inspiring discoveries from all over the world and web. Updated daily.

Name: Casa Um
Studio: Atelier Rua
Source: Ignant
Notes: An architectural masterpiece that is both tranquil and exciting. You can stay in it, too!
Date added: 01.05.2022

Name: Amberson OEN Edition Print
Medium: Paper
Artist: Michael Upton
Source: OEN
Notes: Custom mixed, hand-printed art that doesn’t break the bank.
Date added: 01.07.2022

Name: Opalin set in Purple
Medium: Glass
Artist: Lukas Novak
Source: Lukas Novak
Notes: I can’t stop looking at those inverted drops in the bottom of these glasses.
Date added: 01.07.2022

Food & Drink
Product: Dark Roast Blend
Maker: Ujjo
Source: Thingtesting
Notes: If you like coffee and hot sauce, this is a win for you. Who knew we needed hot sauce for coffee? With cinnamon, cocoa, and vanilla, it sounds like a kick.
Date added: 01.07.2022

Graphic Design
Project: SOMA
Studio: Kamimura & Co.
Source: Behance
Notes: Beautiful branding for this Japanese lifestyle brand. The custom typeface is a stunner.
Date added: 01.07.2022

Name: Rewild: Stories and Inspiration for the Modern Adventurer​
Designer: Homecamp
Source: Homecamp
Notes: Stories, images and camping tips that will inspire you to rediscover the rejuvenating power of the outdoors.
Date added: 01.09.2022

Name: Men’s Linen Cardigan
Designer: Black Ficus
Category: Menswear
Materials: Linen
Source: Black Ficus
Notes: As a huge fan of linen everything, this cardigan is a must-have. It comes in 19 colors, which means I need 19 of them.
Date added: 01.02.2021

Name: Vacation Display
Type: Display
Price: $24
Studio/Designer: Break Maiden
Source: Dribbble
Notes: Vacation display, our first font project, was inspired by psychedelic posters of the 60s and 70s, Hawaiian matchbook advertisements, and our curious love for the Trader Joe’s logo. This “retro” font comes in 3 different styles along with a few chill extras.
Date added: 01.09.2022


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