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Branding and Packaging: Stick & Wolf by Motyf Studio

Beautiful branding for a Poland-based handmade jewelry designer. A stunning collection and perfect branding await you.

A gorgeous collection of handmade jewelry deserves great branding and packaging. That’s exactly what Motyf Studios and their partners delivered for Stick&Wolf. Described as a collection for “strong, independent women”, this collection of handmade jewelry blends gold and precious stones is as beautiful as the branding designed to promote it. Check it out.

About the design: Stick&Wolf creates minimalist, handcrafted jewellery for strong and independent women. They offer a unique range of one-off pieces and limited editions of gold necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. The brand name comes from a calque translation of its cofounders’ surnames – Kasia Kijek (Stick) and Ania Wilczewska (Wolf).

The design is based on an art technique called Ebru – a traditional Turkish method of aqueous surface design, widely known as paper marbling. The pattern represents the surface of setting gemstones into jewellery. Both Kasia and Ania took an active part in creating the pattern. Photo by Yeloow Studio.

About the designer: We do care about brands. Each brand is an engaging story. We create desired brands by designing coherent and functional identity systems. We call it brandstory designing. – Motyf Studio

About the brand: Stick and Wolf is jewelry for strong, independent women. Our unique designs are created with a passion for beautiful objects of the highest quality. We use the best materials: 14-carat gold and precious stones.

All products are handmade according to traditional goldsmithing techniques. We create simple, yet modern jewelry, characterized by timeless elegance. We believe that it will join the ranks of your favorite accessories, and its unique design will inspire you to create beautiful, sensational styling.

Motyf Studio
Iwona Drewniak
Konrad Goral

Yeloow Studio

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