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March 2022 Digest – 001: We all need a cabin in the woods like this. 002: If a cabin doesn’t do it for you, how about a boathouse? 003: I’m trying this for my gut. I hope it helps. 004: This little cork light needs to find its way to my tiny house. 005: It’s the yellow ones that do it for me. 006: Give me the keys to this VW now. Thank you. 007: If I had one of these Fri loungers, I would never get up. 008: I want this green bike. 008: Or this one. 009: Monotype delivers another perfect font family. 011: Thank you, Tokyobike, for introducing me to Brother Brother and for #008. 012: One of my favorite YouTube channels is making me want to move to Portugal. 013: Because George & Willy haven’t given us enough goodness, they give us this. 014: Absolutely love Liliana Ovalle’s work. Cement never looked this good. 015: Is this the tote to end all totes? You decide. 016: Or is it this one? 017: Join me in this free class on 3/16 so I we can learn together how not to kill a ficus. 018: Best smelling soap in the world. 019: Do I have a spare kidney to buy this table? 020: Do you have the same struggle that I have when it comes to picking the right pendant size? I want the jumbo one. 021: Cutest little pitcher. 022: A house that blends Italian and Australian influences perfectly. 023: Bring this mountain home. 024: Amazing gradient art. 025: Do not go to Portland without visiting my favorite store. 026: A magazine for coffee lovers everywhere. 027: One of my favorite house tours. 028: Such gorgeous stones. 029: If pottery was made from springtime, this is what it would look like. 030: Your bathrobe is not as lux as this one. 031: Where does a graphic agency turn to revitalize their website? Here. 032: Find Rare and limited edition handmade goods here. 033: The designers behind the website of #32. 034: Get lost in the Namu Shop. 035: Ugmonk has the Braun Wall Clock and I want one in both colors. It’s silent, which is a plus. Also, it’s gorgeous. A mimimalistdream. Go see. 036: Another minimal writing app. 037: How can a walk in nature restore your mind? 038: This chair from Dowel Jones is giving me retro vibes and I love it. 039: Do I need another work jacket? yes, yes I do. 040: We all need a Buddy. 041: Unless you want something more colorful. 042: I know where I’m going on my next trip to Sacramento. 043: You had me at “eco-friendly Corozo nut buttons”. 044: Say yes to this ceramic paint palette. 045: This sounds good enough to drink. 046: I fell in love with a bike. You will, too. 047: A plant-based e-book from one of my favorite YouTubers. 048: Aren’t you a cute little tote? 049: Take a look at this stunning ring, the perfect reminder of the power of collaboration. 050: Kit Porter turns fragments into art. 051: Beautiful iron kettles. 052: Not hard to see why this dustpan is out-of-stock. My goodness! 053: The Tokyobike Bisou is a thing of beauty. 054: Eastfork has a seasonal color called Utah and I can’t stop looking at it. Now, if I can just justify buying more pottery…
January 2022 Digest – 001: Every artist needs a palette, especially a handmade one. 002: Spend some time getting to know this master craftsman. 003: I’m obsessed with these retro linen pants. 004: This swing! 005: How can a gas station built in the 1930s be so cool? 006: It’s the jade green bathroom that does it for me. 007: Cutest little bike for tykes. 008: Grovemande never ceases to amaze me. What a genius addition to their amazing collection.009: This coat rack reminds me of that giant antenna tower in San Francisco. Do you see it?010: Pretty deodorant. 011: I’d love to see bigger pictures of this loft, Floyd. 012: I want to say yes to this chore shirt and no to chores. 013: The history of corduroy. 014: Discover The Primary Essentials. 015: A cool t-shirt that blends the two Portlands. 016: Marble and resin work well together. 017: An artist residency in Florence? Yes, please. 018: These ‘Reserved’ signs are a must-have. 019: Yes, this smells as good as it sounds. 020: Those little stubby legs! 021: Custom drawer organizer? Yes, please. 022: This is one fancy kettle. 023: I’m obsessed with this plant, then I realized I have it sitting on my window sill. 024: Pens, brushes, rulers, and pencils are the tools and this is the toolbox.025: Design Father is my new daily must-read.026: All houses should be built around bookcases, and not the other way around, in my opinion. 027: Would you sleep in a glass cabin? 028: Here’s a creative way to reuse materials. 029: This art looks like it’s alive. 030: Nice looking deodorant, continuing the modern and minimal design trend in personal care.

Hello there, inquisitive person. You’ve found my stash of  design extras for the creatively curious.

I just added these two lovelies to my shop. Simply entitled Sun & Sea, these limited edition prints would look great anywhere you need a little of both. Only 10 available. Click below to get yours.