Graphic Design 01.22

Branding and packaging projects that inspire and delight. Updated weekly. Share your project by saying
Project: Botanistry Digestive Jades
Studio: Pearlfisher
Source: The Dieline
Notes: The packaging design for this holistic beverage has been described as elegant. The botanical elements and the color palette definitely work.
Date added: 01.16.2022
Project: Hellen Small Goods
Studio: Butter and Jelly Studio
Illustrations: Josefina Schargorodsky
Source: The Dieline Notes: A perfect blend of colors and delightful illustrations makes these home goods a joy to behold.
Date added: 12.21.2021
Project: You + I Beverages
Studio: Freytag Anderson Source: Freytag Anderson
Notes: A beautiful and serene branding project that elevates this line of kombuchas, botanical teas and barley waters to stunning heights.
Date added: 12.21.2021
Project: Le Ketch
Studio: Billyclub
Source: Behance
Notes: The whimsical and fun branding for a microbrewery in the village of Sainte-Flavie.
Date added: 12.21.2021
Project: Nello Music
Studio: Nuket Güner
Source: Nuket Güner
Notes: I’ve never been more obsessed with the letter N in my life, yet here we are.
Date added: 12.21.2021
Project: Global Nourish
Studio: Kati Forner Designs
Source: Behance
Notes: Kati Forner and her team constantly produce brand identities that feel fully developed and actualized. This is no exception.
Date added: 12.21.2021

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