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Name: Opalin set in Purple
Medium: Glass
Artist: Lukas Novak
Source: Lukas Novak
Notes: I can’t stop looking at those inverted drops in the bottom of these glasses.
Date added: 01.07.2022

December 2021

Name: Pre-Hispanic Rainbow
Medium: Cotton thread, blacksmith base
Artist: Caralarga
Source: Caralarga
Notes: Stunning textile objet d’art, the sculpted rainbow is perfect for display.
Date added: 12.10.2021

Name: Diamond Aries lighting
Medium: Aluminum and hand painted glass diamonds
Artist: Bec Brittain
Source: Good Colony
Notes: Remarkable lights that will dazzle you.
Date added: 12.10.2021

Name: Hinoki Salad Bowl
Medium: Japanese Cypress
Artist: Toshifumi Momose
Source: OEM
Notes: Made in collaboration with in collaboration with contemporary designer Keita Hanazawa, this is one of a series of masterpieces.
Date added: 12.10.2021

Name: Ora Mobile
Medium: Various woods, brass and acrylic glass
Artist: Oh DaDa
Source: Oh DaDa
Notes: Contemporary mobiles with colorful abstact elements.
Date added: 12.10.2021

Name: Ghost Tumbler in Pink
Medium: Handblown glass
Artist: Maximilian Eicke
Source: Max ID NY store
Notes: Almost too beautiful to drink from, these tumblers are the best party favors.
Date added: 12.10.2021

Name: Knotting Knitting
Medium: Merino wool, viscose, acrylic, recycled polyester.
Artist: Ana María Gómez
Source: Adorno Design
Notes: Knitted bands of color, made for play.
Date added: 12.10.2021

Name: Shopper Bag Stitched
Medium: 100% cotton rope
Artist: Mia Mélange
Source: Mia Mélange
Notes: Handcrafted bag sustainably made in South Africa.
Date added: 12.10.2021

Name: Wild Vetiver All-Natural Eau de Parfum
Medium: Botanical Perfume
Artist: MIZU
Source: MIZU
Notes: Thoughtfully made natural perfume from a master craftsman.
Date added: 12.10.2021

Name: Fold Weekender
Medium: Natural Heavy Cotton Duck
Artist: MAKR
Source: MAKR
Notes: Well-made, utilitarian bag handmade by one of OG of the maker community
Date added: 12.10.2021

Name: Single / Bucket Stool
Medium: Solid ash
Artist: Yvonne Mouser
Source: WorkOf
Notes: A stool with an ingenious handle and multi-functionality.
Date added: 12.10.2021

Name: LILAH Necklace
Medium: Cotton cord, hemp, brass
Artist: Zelma Rose
Source:  Zelma Rose
Notes: A substantial and stunning work of art masquerading as a necklace.
Date added: 12.10.2021

Name: Diamond Rectangle Earring 60
Medium: Gold and diamonds
Artist: Yuta Ishihara
Source: Shihara
Notes: It’s hard to deny the beauty of this rectangle.
Date added: 12.10.2021