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Product: Dark Roast Blend
Maker: Ujjo
Source: Thingtesting
Notes: If you like coffee and hot sauce, this is a win for you. Who knew we needed hot sauce for coffee? With cinnamon, cocoa, and vanilla, it sounds like a kick.
Date added: 01.07.2022

Product: Hawaiian Ginger
Maker: Goldthread
Source: Goldthread
Notes: This immunity-boosting tonic features ginger from the island of Kauai.
Date added: 01.12.2022

Product: Masala Chai Powder
Maker: Soul
Source: GDS Cloth Goods Newsletter
Notes: The folks over at GDS highly recommend this Indian chai and I trust their tastes. 
Date added: 01.14.2022

December 2021

Product: Riverine
Maker: AMASS
Source: AMASS
Notes: Traditional gin botanicals, distilled into a non-alcoholic spirit. Notes of juniper, coriander, and orris root.
Date added: 12.16.2021

Product: Toasted Coconut Butter Ice Cream
Maker: Sunscoop
Source: Sunscoop
Notes: The name sounds decadent, but this gluten-free and vegan ice cream is a healthy alternative.
Date added: 12.16.2021

Product: NON2 Caramelised Pear & Kombu
Maker: NON
Source: NON
Notes: A unique entry in the non-alcoholic craft drink category. This one is fruit infused wine replacement.
Date added: 12.16.2021

Product: Chrysanthemum Tea With Ginger
Source: Marcd
Notes: Flavored with the flowering herb, the combination of chrysanthemum and ginger sounds so refreshing,
Date added: 12.16.2021

Product: 001. FIORE
Maker: Figlia
Source: Print Mag
Notes: Another entry in the non-alcoholic beverage universe, this aperitivo looks like a refreshing fruity, floral, and spice-filled treat.
Date added: 12.16.2021

Product: Apple Cider Maple
Maker: Acid League
Source: CPGD
Notes: Not your average apple cider vinegar.
Date added: 12.16.2021

Product: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Maker: Deux
Source: CPGD
Notes: Vegan and gluten-free cookie dough that won’t kill you if you eat it raw.
Date added: 12.16.2021

Product: Peach Mango
Maker: Hiyo
Source: Hiyo
Notes: A fruit-flavored non-alcoholic seltzer with a does of stress-relieving ingredients.
Date added: 12.16.2021

Product: Saffron Threads
Maker: Moonflowers
Source: The Dieline
Notes: The branding for this premium brand is outstanding and the saffron is affordable.
Date added: 12.16.2021

Product: Gigantic Variety Pack
Maker: Gigantic
Source: The Dieline
Notes: The bars are gluten-free, vegan, and low in sugar. Even if you are not a big candy consumer, the Gigantic website is a joy to behold.
Date added: 12.20.2021

Product: Ashwagandha Blackberry Adaptonic
Maker: Rowdy Mermaid
Source: Here Studio
Notes: Another tonic designed to make you feel better for drinking it. Reishi mushrooms, ashwagandha, and blackberries.
Date added: 12.20.2021