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Food & Drink

This candy bar: Mixing amazing branding and scrumptious-sounding flavors, Gigantic is a candy bar brand that is screaming to be tasted. That’s not an insult; go to the Gigantic website and tell me you didn’t hear GIGANTIC! in your ears. The regular four flavors sound amazing enough: Salted Peanut, Banana Pecan, Hazelnut Cafe and Almond Horchata. Then they went and added a seasonal Smashing Pumpkin flavor. The bars are gluten-free, vegan, and low in sugar. Even if you are not a big candy consumer, the Gigantic website is a joy to behold. The branding is a home run, designed by the super-talented folks over at Gander. Little wonder that The Dieline gave them 1st place at their design awards this year.

Quick Hits

This drink: Revirine non-alcoholic drink by AMASS

This pie: Snap Pies vegan pies via The Dieline

This vinegar: Apple Cider Maple vinegar by Acid League
This spice:  Moonflowers Saffron via The Dieline
This drink: Caramelized pear and kombu non-alcoholic drink by NON

This cookie dough: Deux vegan & gluten-free cookie dough

This ice cream: Sunscoop vegan ice cream