May Inspiration Find You

On mountainsides, on slopes so green they glow, may inspiration find you. May it fill you with fires that lift up dreams like embers. May it reach out to the skies about you and sow the atmosphere with copious clouds. Heavy with perspiration, may it fill the ether with torrents of you, gently washing away your doubts and fears, making new life grow beneath your feet. 

When what was planted by your imagination and perseverance starts to grow, be sure to stop and celebrate. Inspiration will wait for you like a loyal friend. It is and will always be standing and ready. You have made the climb, you have created something grand, no matter the size or shape. This mountain is made better by you. Inspiration will make sure you know this truth because it will find you again. Treasure it.

On oceans, with waves that power the world, may inspiration find you. May it push you forward through storms and blistering sun, never letting you lose sight of your goal. When land appears in the distance, may inspiration energize you for the final leg of the journey, not letting you become content with halfways and have-nots. 

Drop your anchor and swim to shore with that last ounce of creative might. Inspiration will pull you in with the promise of a refill. Touch the sand, stand, and let your victory wash over you again and again, until you remember the whys of your journey. This fuel, this fervent desire to make and create, is your reward and your inner wonder. Rest after the journey and don’t be afraid to start again.

On deserts, dry and vast, may inspiration find you. Even if it seems that the golden liquid of life has wasted away, and the sun laughs at your desperation, inspiration will find you again. Do not despair in these moments when nothing outside of you seems to move in your favor. You may feel the heated sand of frustration under your feet when that creative spark seems farther away from your heart than it should be. Do not give up. There is an oasis out there, waiting for you.
Inspiration is the cooling water that quenches the imagination’s thirst. When you see the ripples and waves of failure rising with the emergence of the morning, know that your vision is your victory. If you can see the heat, you can harness it.
Inspiration is the cooling water that quenches the imagination’s thirst. When you see the ripples and waves of failure rising with the emergence of the morning, know that your vision is your victory. If you can see the heat, you can harness it. Sand blasted by heat becomes glass and you, tempered by moments that feel like a burning loss, will soon shimmer and glisten with the fresh reward of something better. Inspiration will find you, friend. It will cover you with the shadows that protect from raging fears and your imagination will find its wings again. Rest up. You will stand and you will win.

In the darkness of night and at the early slivers of daybreak, let inspiration find you. Don’t be desperate to seek it out, but beckon it to you like a loyal companion. Ask it to stand beside you when you need it to. Beseech it to match your pace and when you fall behind, ask it kindly and patiently to wait for you. Request that it walks behind you, whispering winsome and wise rallying words of motivation until your movements hum with steadiness and joy. No matter how slow the momentum, you are in motion and inspiration finds its best rewards when we give it something to flow toward. 

Keep your mind unobstructed and uncluttered. Don’t let the successes of others hinder your own. Celebrate what others have made and then let that joyful kindness light your fire. When those flames burn bold and bright, inspiration will settle down, right next to you. Together, you will find your own way, inward and onward, until your cup runs over and every single creative cell rejoices. What inspiration brings out of you will soon become the tinder for others too.

That’s the beauty of inspiration: when you share what you’ve been inspired to make, you feed the fires of others. Those gem-filled souls waiting on mountains, holding steady on oceans, and languishing in those same deserts, need your light. What a gift you are when you allow inspiration to ignite your inner perceptions to become your outer projections! Inspiration polishes what you are and makes you a marvel to behold. And you are a marvel!

May inspiration find you and may it find you ready to radiate and willing to share. Give what you’ve been given without fear of depletion. Inspiration promises to refill your cup. Let your heart stay tender, your mind unlocked, your soul simmering. May inspiration find you waiting for it.

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