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Name: The Monocle Book of the Nordics
Designer: Monocle Source: Monocle
Notes: Looking as stunning as their books on Japan and Italy, Monocle continues to create books that gives us the ability to travel without leaving the home.
Date added: 01.12.2022
Name: Rewild: Stories and Inspiration for the Modern Adventurer​ Designer: Homecamp Source: Homecamp Notes: Stories, images and camping tips that will inspire you to rediscover the rejuvenating power of the outdoors.
Date added: 01.09.2022
Name: The Monocle Book of Italy
Designer: Monocle
Source: Monocle
Notes: Like everything Monocle does, this book is a show-stopping journey through Italy from a design perspective.
Date added: 01.12.2021
Name: Touchy Feely
Designer: Fuman
Source: It’s Nice That
Notes: A book for paper lovers, this colorful and vibrant showcase for Rives paper is meant to be touched. Looks irresistible.
Date added: 01.12.2021

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