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Name: Men’s Linen Cardigan
Designer: Black Ficus
Category: Menswear
Materials: Linen
Source: Black Ficus Notes: As a huge fan of linen everything, this cardigan is a must-have. It comes in 19 colors, which means I need 19 of them.
Date added: 01.02.2021
Name: Jika TabiJapanese Garden Shoes
Designer: Niwaki
Category: Shoes
Materials: Cotton and rubber Source: Niwaki Notes: These Jika Tabi are what all Japanese gardeners wear, giving them extra sensitivity to feel the ground beneath them. Choose the Toe Cap option for some protection, especially if landscaping.
Date added: 01.12.2021
Name: Harris 5 Pocket Jean – Indigo Selvedge Denim Rinse
Designer: Stephanie Beard
Category: Menswear
Materials: Selvedge
Source: Esby
Notes: I’m obsessed with selvedge and these look perfect to me. Straight legged pants are an antidote to those tapered legged nightmares.
Date added: 12.02.2021

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